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Mobile Onsite Facials Ladies & Gentlemen’s Kids Teens Custom Ayurvedic “Marma Point” Acupressure Face-Lift Facial Massages 

A holistic alternative to plastic surgery, injections, laser, and chemical peels. This anti-aging facial massage procedure promotes circulation, enhances collagen, elastin production, and may reduce wrinkles, sagginess and droopy eyelids. Belavi’ Acupressure Face lift massage facial: deep cleansing for skin, steam, exfoliation, mask, toner hydrating mask conditions skin. Cranial sacral massage head, neck shoulders-arms & hands. Organic Natural Fresh Aroma Oils Products Custom blends Natural Appalachian herbs plants & ingredients specially designed to hydrate refine your skin while infusing it with fresh nutrients antioxidants. Steam-Relief for dry and sun-exposed complexion in need of tender, moisturizing care. Gives your skin a dewy-fresh awakening. 

60m $100  90m $150

Includes: Warm Steam Linens Spa Robes Face Cleaner Scrub Mask Aroma Oils and Facial w/NSBK Massages & Feet treatments  

Lavender – Rose Petal – Avocado Oatmeal Seaweed Masks

Hot Stone Facials Available..

Kids Teens Facial Ages 4-16  30m $50 40m $65 45m $75

By License Esthetician & Certified Belivi’ Marma Facial CMT

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