Body Treatments

Asheville Mobile Onsite Spa Body Scrubs Buffs Exfoliation Body Wraps & Hair Treatments

Appalachian Mtn Sunshine Glow: (Organic Natural Sea Salt-Sugar Oatmeal Herbal Revitalizing Body Scrubs Polishes Buffs)

 Unique blend of 21 different botanical essential aroma oils. Rough calloused hands or feet splitting cracking knuckles cuticles or heels psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, or any kind dry skin issue. Natural Fruit oils organic oatmeal, sugars or salts, massaged onto your body removes dry dead skin cells & buffing skin smooth. Rinsed with warm linens all over you body, steam shower & rehydrated. Gentle exfoliation treatment to help remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. Moisturizing organic body lotion is then applied with massage to rehydrate the body/skin 45-60mins $75-$100.00

(Not offered exclude with prenatal massage.)

Smooth as Leather Dry Buff Body Exfoliation: Begin your massage or spa treatment with an invigorating dry body brush aroma oil sugar scrub. Sloughs off dry skin increases circulation & rehydrates 30m $50 

Hydrating Warm Torso Back or Full Body Wraps:  

Aroma Back/Torso Wraps: Torso mud wrap, warm aroma therapy oils hot herbal detox linens & blankets wrapped over back & body. Warm towels/linens steeped in a fragrant blend of herbs essential aroma oils Wrap your body to extract toxins purify your system for total deep relaxation includes NSBK massage Choose from the following aroma oils: anti-stress detox vital energy  30-45m $50-$75 

Aromatherapy Full Body Wrap: 60m $100 

Lavender Rose Shea Butter Body Wrap.  Detoxing the body by adding a deep healing wrap to any session. Beneficial antioxidants fatty acids lavender flax seed coconut oils shea butter reach deep into skin to promote cell regeneration wound stretch mark scar healing while protecting improving tone and elasticity. Leaves skin ultra soft nourish glowing  Body wraps help eliminate cellulite detox tone tighten skin improve circulation alleviate muscle joint pain mobilize fat so it can be eliminated from the body naturally. 90m $150

Mountain Mud Body Wrap: Botanical Mud Seaweed Mask warm linens wrapped around whole body hydrating massage lotion . 90m. $150 

Natural Organic Hair Wrap – Body Buff & Massage Treatment:  Natural Organic aromatherapy oils, coconut, jojoba, evening primrose, avocodo, cedar wood, bergamot, sage, melissa balm, rosemary & apricot seed oils reduce your tired stressed out & over processed hair 30m Warm Hair wrap, help growth after chemo. 90m Cranial sacral aroma massage & hydrating body buff w/shower steam    120m. $185 

Hair Wrap Treatment Only: 30m. $50

45m Body Buff & 45m Massage Pkg:  90m $150

45m Aroma Massage & Body Wrap Pkg: 90m $150

60m Aroma Massage & 30m Hair Wrap Pkg: 90m $150  Warm Aromatherapy Oils relaxing or energizing of natural organic herbs plants. Blends to help balance body 60m Rain Drop Aroma Cranial Sacral Massage & 30m Hair Wrap Treatment