Asheville Massage All WNC Mobile Onsite Clinical Integrative Body Work  Therapeutic Massage Therapy Swedish/Soft & Deep Tissue  Sports Neuro muscular Aromatherapy CBD Oils Hot Stone Thai Yoga Couples T.M.J. Release Myo-Facial Hand/Feet Reflexology & Foot Soaks Infrared Body Wraps Belavi’ Accu Point Face Lift Facials, Cert. Belavi Massage Facialist, State Lis. Esthetician Aesthetician & Spa Director Manager 43 yrs

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Save $5-$10 Off – No Travel Fees

30m $65-5=$60

45m $85-10=$75

60m $110-$125 -10=$100-$115

90m $175-10=$165

120m $220-$250

Specials Save $10 off

Asheville Onsite Massage Service Rates

2-60m $250 / Back to Back or “2” Therapists”

2-60m Massages

2/30m Massages & 2/30m Facials

2/30m Massages 2/30m Reflexology

Hot Stone Massage: 60m $125 75m $150 90m $175

Couples Hot Stone Msg 2-90m $350

Couples Massage Tranquility at the end of the trail relaxation package: 2-90m $350 Couples Massages w/Feet Reflexology Wraps & Chocolate Strawberries.. Integrative Bodywork Massage Technique Deep Muscle Therapy, CBD, Aromatherapy or Hot Stone By Request..

Aromatherapy “Or” CBD Hemp Oil 60m $125 90m $175 Essential Oils Aromatherapy CBD Hemp Oils Massage 10-21 masks relaxing or energizing detoxing herbs aromatic blends to help balance flush toxins out. DMT Deep muscle tissue therapy compress technique offers several potential health benefits: Helps It induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional, physical well-being, assists alignment, postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood, lymph and stimulates internal organs

Cert. Doula Pregnancy Postpartum Prenatal Massage Therapy 60m $110  90m $165

Mommy to Be Pamper Package 2.5hr $280 60m Pregnancy Doula Massage Therapy
30m Facial  
30m Paraffin Hand Wrap and 30m Reflexology Feet Soak Scrub Massage 

Onsite Massage Rates & Mobile Spa Packages

Happy FeetHappy Trails 60m $110 Relaxing Hikers Delight – Feet Reflexology lavender peppermint exfoliation foot scrub, soaks, moisturizing lotion oils warm aroma wrap w/NSBK massage

Appalachian Stress Buster Pkg 90m $175 60m. Integrative Massage & 30m. Foot Reflexology  (or) Belavi’ Face Treatment

Blue Ridge Stress Relief Pkg 2hr $250 60m. Aroma Massage
60m. Facial w/Feet Reflexology 

Rejuvenate Infrared Slim It Detox Body Wrap Pkgs: 2hrs $250

60m Buff-Wrap & 60m Massage (or) 60m Buff-Wrap, 30m Massage & 30m Facial Light exfoliation, body buff, aroma oils hemp mud rose mask applied, Lay relax feel serenity wrapped cocoon infrared heated blanket and hot herbal linens. Hydrating massages  “Not Offered Pregnancy Massage

Shining Hot Rock Pkg 3hr $350

90m Hot Stone Massage
30m Stone Facial
30m Infrared Wrap
30m Feet Reflex Soaks

Couples Stress Buster 2-90m $350

2-60m. Integrative Massages
2-30m Facial

Onsite Massage Service Packages

Couples Stress Relief 2-2hr $450 

2-60m. Aroma Massage
2-60m. Facials

(or) 2-90m Couples Massage  w/Feet Soaks & 2-30m Facials 

Infrared Slim It Detox Body Wraps 45m $95 60m $125

Wrap burns calories reduces cellulite, removing detox waste toxins from the body. Dry brush buff hot linens essential aroma oils massage warm blankets wrapped full body helps toxins purify your system for total relaxation.

Foot Pedi Soaks Scrubs Reflexology Head Ears Hands & Feet

30m $65 45m $85 60m $110

Reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure disease, help anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, diabetes, cardiovascular issues headaches, kidney function, PMS, sinusitis. Theory, points areas on the feet, hands, ears correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Practitioners access these points Feet Hands (bottom, sides, top) Ear to affect organs nervous systems throughout the entire body. Certified License Reflexologist may perform a general, integrated session, or may focus on specific problem areas on the feet, hands or ears.

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